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pv magazine Global deckt den globalen Photovoltaikmarkt ab und ist nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.

Harvest Potential 

The solar industry is once again dealing with rapidly falling prices along the supply chain and unsold inventories piling up in warehouses across Europe in particular. How long this might last is difficult to predict, as multiple industry experts outline inside this month’s magazine. What is clear though is that to absorb the growing supply of PV modules, installations will need to accelerate, and innovative applications must be explored to integrate more solar energy both into landscapes and electrical grids.



In Italy, we look at a growing market that is nonetheless held back by a lack of clear regulations surrounding the dual use of land for farming and solar energy installations. This approach is also rapidly developing in South Africa and elsewhere. Behind these regional developments, work is also taking place to optimize different approaches to agrivoltaics and increase yields on both the agri and PV sides.

Elsewhere, we explore how India has emerged as a leading player in the deployment of hybrid systems combining solar with both wind and hydro generation. Brazil is now looking to emulate this success with a new set of regulations and has several large-scale wind-solar hybrid projects already under construction. And as South Australia met 100% of its energy demand with rooftop PV for a few hours in September, we ask how this could become a more frequent occurrence.

Falling module prices aren’t the only thing with potential to shake up the PV supply chain. This edition also investigates the EU’s efforts to ensure a sustainable supply chain for battery materials, the steel supply for trackers in the United States and beyond, and ongoing efforts to cut the carbon footprint of PV module manufacturing.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Supply tightens as n-type expands: Analysts at InfoLink delve into the niche supply of wire mesh for screen printing solar cells.
  • Policy, please: Meyer Burger CEO Gunter Erfurt discusses supportive PV policy in Europe and the US, and the company’s latest technology moves.
  • Co-location in the UK: Solar developers see advantage in adding batteries, but an update to regulations is needed for storage to really shine.
  • Redeployable energy in Africa: A movable solar system could provide a solution to weak grids and other market challenges on the African continent.
  • Commercial perovskites: Analysts forecast a market takeover for the emerging technology, beginning in the 2030s.
  • Insuring batteries: Dealing with the burning issue of safety and insurance for homes installing residential batteries.
  • Net zero consequences: Managing an investment portfolio with climate risk a key consideration.

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