06/2023 Einzelheft Print & Digital – pv magazine global


pv magazine Global deckt den globalen Photovoltaikmarkt ab und ist nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.

Solar, and energy storage, are emerging as cornerstones in Europe’s strategy to deal with both the impacts of climate change and the energy crisis provoked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In this month’s magazine we take a closer look, region by region, at the state of play for solar in key markets across the continent.

And in Ukraine, we see the vital role solar is playing to power key facilities, as well as the industry’s future as the country looks to rebuild its shattered energy infrastructure.


While Europe is our focus, we cast the net wider to take in local moves toward electrification in Australia, the ongoing implications of the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States, and a possible spanner in the works as China considers restrictions on the export of the technology behind large-wafer formats.

We also showcase some of the innovations helping get solar energy where it is needed, and technology which is making life easier for grid operators: whether through more sophisticated system monitoring, establishment of virtual power plants, or keeping track of the weather and other factors to predict solar output.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Consolidation, diversification: The Inflation Reduction Act presents an opportunity for US solar installers to add to their offering.
  • Waiting is not an option: How supply chains need to grow and diversify in response to growing PV demand and a target of 75 TW worldwide by 2050.
  • KAUST joins the 30% club: Stefaan de Wolf on the Saudi university’s world record tandem cell
  • Slow tender uptake: India’s big agrivoltaic plans have got off to a disappointing start, finds Bridge to India’s Vinay Rustagi.
  • The world’s coolest: Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica has had a solar upgrade
  • Recycling’s glass ceiling: Problems with PV waste were laid bare after an insolvency Down Under.
  • PV and biodiversity: With proper consideration, PV plants can also provide excellent habitat for a variety of wildlife.
  • Can’t waste a single ray: SolarPower Europe’s Walburga Hemetsberger on the need for batteries.
  • A long time coming: With (ironically) slow progress on permitting, has the US put the cart before the horse?
  • China’s flying start: The country exported more than 50 GW of solar modules in the first quarter of 2023 alone, finds InfoLink

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