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pv magazine global covers the global PV industry and is published only in English.

Solar springs eternal 

With another huge RE+ exhibition about to touch down in Las Vegas, pv magazine’s September edition brings the US solar market into focus.

A year on from the passage of the US Inflation Reduction Act, new manufacturing capacity announcements continue to come thick and fast, as players worldwide look to take advantage of the generous incentives on offer. This expansion is accompanied by innovation, as those building out new factories aim to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. We also examine the latest developments in the materials and processes pushing for high performance in PV.



In this edition we also look to India, where huge manufacturing plans are being realized, while local players also look to the US for further opportunities. Europe, meanwhile, is trying to maintain some technology leadership, but it is still lagging other regions, with reports that some are even diverting machinery originally ordered for European factories to the United States.

In China, which is still expected to host the lion’s share of PV manufacturing capacity for the foreseeable future, we focus on the startups that are bringing perovskite technologies to the factory floor. We also look at the industry leaders trying to reestablish a standard for module dimensions, making things simpler for both buyers and components suppliers.

Downstream from manufacturers, we cover contrasting markets in Latin America, where Brazil is enjoying a large-scale boom, just as Mexico embraces distributed PV on its rooftops. We also examine the growing importance of environmental, social and governance standards for successful PV projects, and on the battery side, we look at how the economics are slowly falling into place for residential PV coupled with EV charging.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Power price rollercoaster: Examining Europe’s energy price fluctuations and the structural reforms needed to limit them
  • Chernobyl solar spared: Russian occupiers left a solar array untouched at Ukraine’s nuclear disaster site, and more PV is being planned for the surrounding exclusion zone.
  • Outperforming the weather: Proper wind testing for trackers makes reaching financial targets achievable, whatever the weather.
  • Testing times for PV: The market for electrical testing equipment is opening up, as major players get in on the act with PV-specific product offerings.
  • The path to 1.5 TW: Longi CEO Li Zhenguo discusses the path ahead for the Chinese PV behemoth.
  • Cool under pressure: Getting around the unsuitability of high temperatures for HJT and other promising PV technologies
  • US vs. China is failing the world: Precarious supply chains for battery materials require a more collaborative environment.
  • Cleaning up the statute books: Lawmakers in Poland are backing a buoyant PV market, with new regulations on land use and shared grid connections.

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