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pv magazine Global covers the global PV industry and is published only in English.

Lighting the way

Perovskites are a frontrunner for the future of solar cell technology, and in this edition we explore the material’s prospects, according to the latest research. While few deny the game changing potential of the material, some see a disconnect between ongoing lab research and possible industrial applications, and are working to bring the two closer together.
We also look at some of the challenges associated with perovskite tandem modules. A timely topic given their position at the front of the commercialization queue.



Also in the magazine, we examine the key role that access to finance in various forms has played in the rise of China’s enormous PV industry, and why it may be becoming more of a challenge to maintain.
This financing has meant that growth in manufacturing capacity tends to come in cycles. Today oversupply is a growing concern for many along the PV supply chain, not least in the polysilicon sector which is again shifting from shortage to saturation, and is examined in detail inside this edition.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Amid the chaos: First mover solar developers are overcoming local political tensions to build solar businesses in Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Türkiye manufactures modules: The SolarEx 2024 trade show in Istanbul revealed ambitions at home and abroad.
  • From Mumbai to Bondi: Economic cooperation between India and Australia may open new doors.
  • Tariff threat and oversupply: Solar panel prices in the United States can be twice as much as in Europe.
  • Safety in lithium-ion batteries: While generally safe, the industry continues to pursue high standards.
  • High inventory, stiff competition: InfoLink predicts demand growth will begin to slow.

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