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From the ground up

Community solar is already proving its worth in some markets by providing low-cost clean energy directly to consumers. In the April edition of pv magazine we look at promising community-solar marketplaces where deployment is being bolstered by supportive policies. In the United States, gigawatts of solar, developed and owned “by the people, for the people” is making a difference. We explore how supportive regulations, and a streamlined process can reshape the landscape for community solar, as consumers in Italy may soon discover.



The April edition also explores first-hand accounts of what can happen when solar projects don’t get their community engagement right. In one town, celebrity campaigners and local activists find themselves in a heated public debate – and discover that facts are often lost in the noise.

In Egypt, there are signs of a solar industry waking up. The government is pursuing an ambitious renewable energy target and solar generation is expected to play a significant role.

This month also sees pv magazine team up with the organizers of The smarter E Europe exhibition and conference to bring you a preview of some of the hot topics that will surely spark discussion on the floor. Preparations are well underway for the continent’s leading solar and energy storage event and there will be much to learn at the show in June.

Other topics in this issue:

  • Time to form, not follow: As the share of renewables rises in the electricity generation mix, we look at the role grid-forming inverters can play in network stability.
  • India’s $9 billion rooftop revolution: The target is ambitious and could breathe life into India’s dormant home solar market, but questions linger over implementation.
  • Pulling together in Central Asia: Could a collaborative approach accelerate solar adoption in a region that has operated with a united energy grid system since Soviet times?
  • A Mediterranean super-grid: Greece finds itself at the center of an ambitious interconnection proposal spanning from Saudi Arabia to the south of Germany.
  • French resilience: Two planned gigafactories could add 10 GW of module capacity in 2027, but French PV manufacturers warn policy support is essential to future success.

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Schonen Sie die Umwelt und bestellen Sie vergangene Ausgaben von pv magazine global als digitale Version. Wählen Sie einfach Ihre Wunschausgabe und erhalten Sie sofort den entsprechenden Downloadlink.Sodium-ion batteries are undergoing a critical period of commercialization as established battery manufacturers jostle for position. With a global ramp-up of cell manufacturing capacity underway, we look at the progress being made on this promising technology, where much will depend on the balance of supply and demand.
Across several African countries, the scale of solar projects is changing and there is evidence of a nascent grid-scale battery industry taking shape on the continent. Businesses frustrated by unreliable state-run grids have invested in commercial solar after an initial wave of largely donor-funded grid-scale installations. Will the same hold true for energy storage?
Elsewhere, we explore the development and trends that are shaping Spain’s distributed storage market, examine the most promising technological advances for lithium-ion batteries, report on the ramping up of storage activity among Chinese PV manufacturers, and ask what’s next for battery materials.

Other topics in this issue:

  • California solar’s NEM-esis: Change to California’s net metering scheme has pushed rooftop solar off a cliff, leading to job losses and insolvency.
  • Cut to the CAES: We take a look at compressed air energy storage (CAES) and what’s in the pipeline for commercial applications.
  • Electrolyzer prices: Hydrogen prices depend on the up-front investment cost of electrolyzers, and there are a number of possible pathways for the market to develop.
  • Balancing act: The revenue stack for BESS in Great Britain is changing but as frequency service revenues decline, grid modernization opens up new opportunities.
  • Making the Battery Pass: What the introduction of new EU legislation could mean for traceability in the energy storage supply chain.
  • Mitigating fire risk: Battery storage can cause headaches for insurers, but good management and mitigation measures can help bring premiums down.
  • Coal meets batteries: In Australia, big batteries will play an increasingly important roles as coal plants are switched off and the share of renewables rises in the energy mix.

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